who we are

who is wolk360

We are a fully integrated Architecture, Construction and Real Estate firm with the ability to provide turnkey services to evaluate and provide guidance to the entire process. It’s not just design-build, it’s WOLK360.


Founder and CEO

Jonathan Wolk, AIA is licensed Architect, Contractor and Real Estate Broker providing his clients with a full circle of services for a wide range of residential and commercial projects. Jonathan has served in several board positions including AIA-Triangle and United Arts Council. He plays an active role in the positive development of Raleigh and the Triangle.

the story behind wolk360

6 years ago I left my architecture practice and went to work for General Contractors to see what they were doing that architects weren’t doing and learn from some of the best. After a lifetime of architecture, I wanted to see how the other half operated and learn some more. In the process I became a licensed General Contractor.

As I worked closely with several Owners on construction projects, one thing continued to surprise me – the Owners were meeting with the Contractor before the Architect – why? Because they needed to develop a budget in order to make an offer on the land and to figure out the proforma and the project budget. The assumptions the contractor made would then drive the design process, which is backwards, but it gave the client reliability. The designer needs to be an integral part of the process.

Hmmmm, design-build is missing a huge component – yes obviously design, in the above example, but what about the cost of land, or house, or building, or lease, or whatever the real estate parameters are. These are major factors effecting the overall project budget. Understanding the real estate is key to the design and construction budget. So, what did I do – I went to work for a real estate firm and go back to school and got my Real Estate brokerage license.

Now, I have a fully integrated Architecture Construction Real Estate firm – WOLK360 – we have the ability to provide you with turnkey services to evaluate and provide guidance to the entire process. It’s just like your smartphone – you can’t separate the camera from the apps – they work together, harmoniously to communicate your needs in the best way possible. To do it any other way is like texting on your flip phone.

Let’s get started with 3 meetings in 1 and figure out what you want to accomplish!

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