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February 11, 2022by Jonathan Wolk0

Jonathan, can you provide us with some basic tips on selecting a real estate agent/broker?
It’s important for the buyer/seller to have someone representing them and looking out for their best interests. You want to have someone who is very familiar with the Real Estate process as well as someone that understands the market. For example, in an aggressive market properties are selling over the asking price. How much are they selling over the asking price? These are particular deals that are not just price-based, but it may be closing time issues or more due diligence money. Where the price stays the same, but you put in more money to show your commitment.

From the broker’s perspective, it’s about understanding the intricacies of each opportunity and knowing your client. Our brokers want to understand our clients’ budget, what they want in a home, and what they need. There’s a difference between what we want and what we need. For example, the client wants a two-car garage, but it may not be a deal-breaker if it’s a single-car garage, also in a neighborhood they really like. Our approach is different because we are a buy, design-build firm, so we can look at a house that can be modified to meet their needs and lifestyle.

Flesh that out for us if you don’t mind
It might be that the client is looking for a specific geographic location. They may say, “Hey I like this part of town, or I don’t like this part of town, or I need a corner lot, I prefer a two-story, or I need a single-story home.” When you are looking for a Real Estate agent I encourage you to find someone who will work with the client to get to know their particularities and nuances. Because you do not want an agent that’s looking to kick their sales volume for the month or give you the machine gun approach to show you a bunch of listings that may not necessarily meet the clients needs. There are Realtors that aren’t doing the best for their clients because the market is so hot they really don’t have to deliver good customer service.

How does emotion come into play in purchasing a home?
This is one of the largest investments someone will make. Buyers and sellers do get emotionally involved. For example, let’s say we put in an offer and their maximum budget is $350,000 because they are going to do a $400,000 renovation to the property. Since it is such a hot market they push it to $375K because they are worried they won’t get it for $350K. From our construction point of view we would say to them, ‘ok you want to offer an additional $25K to secure the property in a hot market, but unless you are able to come up with another $25K, you will have $25K less for the renovation budget.

This is why it’s so important to communicate with your broker. Receiving the best service is like therapy, if the client doesn’t share their thoughts then the agent doesn’t know what they’re looking for. This is an intimate relationship. Clients share a lot of personal information with brokers and it’s not just financial. They share their lifestyle, how they live, if they have kids, want to have kids, do they have grandkids? And if they don’t have a good feeling about their Realtor serving them then they need to pick somebody they can trust. Realtors get into so many personal aspects of a client’s life because the more that we know the more we can find exactly what they want and need. A transparent and authentic relationship with a Realtor is necessary because if there is not, the client will not be served as well as we want them to be.

Are there times when you will tell clients to walk away?
Absolutely! Especially in a hot market where people are paying $30-50,000 above the asking price. If you buy into that then you are getting into a price point you may not be comfortable with paying. Agents have to tell clients the facts and remind them of their goals and budget without emotion. Agents have to be considerate and have honest conversations based on their desires, wants, and needs for a home. A problem may arise in one of those conversations because usually in the middle of a negotiation everything is happening very fast. Let’s be honest, purchasing a home is emotional. You are creating and buying something that’s not just a substantial financial investment, but it’s your home where you are going to live, maybe raise a family, it’s where you are retiring, or downsizing. Many times these decisions have to be made in 15-30 minute intervals and it’s tough.

Can you explain what happens from the initial contact with Wolk360?
We try to find out what neighborhoods they like and what drives those locations. Is it because it’s close to their office, or they like the schools, or it’s within walking distance of shopping, parks, etc? Then, it’s understanding their budget and what they can afford. We sit down and figure out what they want and what they know about the area or neighborhood. Are they relocating from out of town and want to live downtown? We ask them why they want to live downtown. We seek to understand their perceptions of an area, their desires and where they are coming from, and what it is they want to do. The most challenging part is looking at their life going forward, helping them dream, and finding a property that meets their future needs.

For some people, they want a big dining room even though they only use it for holidays, but they host a big family and it’s important to them. Some know exactly what they want and a lot of people don’t know what they want so we help them manage the finances with their desires and what they want. It’s really about sitting down and gaining an understanding of all these things about the client. I’m a big believer in having dreams and breaking bread because I think that is part of getting to know people.

What are the advantages of having a real estate agent who has design-build capabilities?
I think being able to have that vision, understanding, and expertise is an incredible asset. For example, for the couple that wanted the big dining room, blowing out a wall and expanding a dining room wall can be very simple. There might be another property where the dining room wall is up against the property line or against the setback and blowing out that wall isn’t as easy, or you’ve got a complex roofline, or we can do it but we will have to get a variance because we are going to have to do foundation work. Having that expertise at your disposal is critical when you are looking at buying a house or a project because those nuances can be the difference between a $10K dining room expansion and a $100K project.

Having a Real Estate agent who can come at a potential property with that critical eye and resources is critical because you might buy into this house because you are willing to pay more money to get the property you want that just needs a renovation. Or, we help them see that it’s a project that will double their budget.

I like to call this the “tip of the spear”. The real estate for what you are wanting to do sets the tip of the spear for the ground rules for everything you want to do going forward. Do we have setback or zoning issues, what are the issues, and being able to go through them and ascertain if it’s a simple solution, but a complicated or expensive process? All those things weigh in and having that critical eye and experience is incredibly beneficial for the buyer.

The flip side of that is I’m a buyer and I want a 3BR 2.5 bath, two-car garage, and $600K house in the “A, B, C,” subdivision, I love the neighborhood and that’s what I want. That is a completely different set of parameters but we can work with buyers on that as well still with the same eyes from a design-build perspective. The advantage is our team can assess a prospective property like this with critical eye/expertise and attention to detail in assessing the quality of the construction and the property. I think what we bring to the table is unique compared to other realtors who just want to close the deal, make an offer, and head to closing. We come at every transaction with realtor, design, build, and construction eyes. Our brokers have access to our architecture, design-build, construction experts.

What trends do you see ahead in home buying, renovation and design-build?
We’re just doing our best to stay ahead of the industry issues. Who knows if the bubble is going to burst, or if we are even in a bubble. What we look at is what our clients need and stay on top of our suppliers, distributors, and subcontractors. What are they seeing as we are doing window orders, material orders, what’s happening? We are trying to stay on top of it as best we can and unfortunately for our area this is kind of the new normal. I don’t know what the next price spike is or the next available issue is going to be but we know there is going to be something and we are just trying to stay on top of it as best we can. Before we get started on projects we are ordering as much product or materials ahead of time so our contractors aren’t waiting for materials to complete their job and we can stay on schedule.

Do you see materials and supply chain issues improving in 2022?
It depends on what we are talking about. For example, PVC pipe factories may be back and running with production goods now having ample distribution but tomorrow it could be hot water heaters. I personally don’t feel like this is solved across the board for all products in our industry. Lumber and other materials have subsided and prices have come down a little, but everything else is still going to be a challenge. Everyone is still looking for labor, trucking companies need drivers, delivery of windows are four to six weeks out and we are just adjusting to it now and planning better to adapt and anticipate.

For us, the most relevant issue is supply chain production, but more importantly trying to get a handle on costs. It’s not just the fact that windows are four months out, but they’ve gone up 15%. Which means we have to build contingency plans for our projects to minimize cost increases and surprises to our clients. On the Real Estate side, houses in one neighborhood can be selling for $50K over the asking price, yeah you want to be in this neighborhood but are you prepared to go in with this increase. I think the bigger issue for many people is inflation and how does that upset the apple cart? The critical matter is how so much of this stuff escalates and can we all keep up with it.

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