Whether you’re buying or selling, designing or building, our skilled, talented and knowledgeable –fully integrated team -are ready to serve your ambitions and make your vision a reality.


Jonathan skillfully handles personal client contact and works in partnership with owners in order to obtain the best results for every project. He works exceptionally well in teams and is expert in dissecting problems, resolving them, and orchestrating an effective solution by utilizing the specialized resources at hand. Jonathan oversees each project throughout both the design and construction phases of the project.

Jonathan’s professional experience includes building programming and the construction of facilities for a wide variety of clients, scopes, building types and contexts. His work distinguishes itself by effectively responding to their context, and exceeding the expectations of those involved, and delivering high performance projects that meet or exceed their goals.

Jonathan firmly believes that the finished project is enhanced by the total involvement of everyone concerned, and always diligently encourages this participation.



Phillip Van Winkle has over 20 years of broadly diversified industry experience. He brings significant insight and an extensive knowledge base to his work at WOLK360. Phillip has a detailed, working knowledge of how to create and facilitate successful design-build projects. This includes business development, programming, design development, cost estimating, project management and site supervision while leading to a well-designed, quality-built project that comes in on budget and schedule, and ultimately a very satisfied client and repeat business.

Phillip has a unique combination of specialized knowledge, creative intelligence and refined soft skills that allow him to effectively lead and collaborate in a team environment on the most complex and challenging projects. Phillip knows what needs to be done and takes the initiative and responsibility to make sure it gets done, including overcoming obstacles as they arise, with professionalism, integrity, dedication, and passion. Possessing exceptional communication skills, strong personal bearing, solid self-confidence and refined social skills, Phillip works effectively with the most sophisticated clients, colleagues, service providers and other stakeholders, both individually and in a group environment. In short, he brings competence, energy, enthusiasm, and effective leadership to efficiently accomplish the mission.



Aaron is an architectural designer who believes that quality design and engagement with clients is key in creating stunning buildings and homes. He specializes in drafting architectural blueprints that provide adequate building instruction and has expertise in 3D modeling that helps visualize the design. Only having recently graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor’s in Building Sciences, his business-oriented and ambitious mindset has opened several opportunities for him. While his primary role is in architectural design, Aaron also has recurring experience in business management, real estate, rental properties, sales, and has even started his own LLC. With his continuously growing network and team of like-minded, young professionals, it is not a matter of if he will succeed, but when.



Bond grew up in the Triangle area, graduating in an Architecture Degree from NC State. Bond is a registered Architect with over 30 years experience in Housing and Mixed Use Architecture. His background includes extensive experience programming, designing, documenting and managing the construction of Residential, Multi-Family, Mixed Use Retail / Residential and Retirement projects. He values good communication and open collaboration in a team environment and enjoys creating great buildings.



Melinda is a 20 year veteran of the sales industry and has represented clients all over Raleigh, North Carolina and throughout the intercontinental United States. She’s landed hundreds of thousands of transactions within both the profit and non-profit arenas and has built a top-notch foundation of clients through her professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to always put his/her client’s needs first.

She has hired, trained, led, and managed, distributors, area sales managers, brand managers to well above the combined total of one hundred million dollars, and has continued to leverage her know-how and experience to exceed client expectations.

Active in the local community, Melinda is a proud founder and leader of a thriving non-profit organization BLOOMHERE with the mission of empowering women survivors of abuse, addiction, and trafficking through a safe place to live and the space and resources to heal.

Through her passionate spirit, Melinda is known for her sense of humor, her zest for life, and her ability to talk to anyone about anything which makes her an asset to any team.



Barley is originally from Masonboro Sound, just south and east of Wilmington, NC. Growing up in a small fishing community in a family of builders, Creating and Making was a part of life, working with wood and metals was a life-skill from a very young age. This inspired a lifetime of learning about architecture and engineering. Attending UNC Charlotte and The University of Washington opened a new door to the world of architecture, integrating the art of making with new meaning and focus.

For more than 30 years, this inspiration continued, and has always involved the design build process as a model. Most of the last decade Barley has centered his career around housing, with organizations that integrate real estate into the design build model. Barley has represented real estate, design and construction processes for over $2B in assets for Owners in the last decade, with strong measured results. Vertically integrated organizations have allowed design-build modelling for very large mixed use housing projects.

Academic experience teaching and lecturing at The University of Washington and The University of Missouri fuels mindful focus on the broader interest. A foundation of hands-on field work facilitates skills to foster excellent Teamwork and Teambuilding skills within the Owner/Client/Builder interactive process, complemented with intensive problem solving savvy and proven results.

Barley brings this unique set of experiences and skills to Wolk360, and looks forward to helping the team manage both design and construction processes.



Since the young age of 3 (or so she has been told), Kaleigh has spent most of her life reaching for a career in Architecture. No stranger to the arts, she has gained experience in Watercolor Paintings, hand drawing, hand drafting, Model Building, Digital editing, Computer drafting, 3D modeling, along with many other art forms, through her years. In 2011 Kaleigh finished her 5 year degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte holding a Bachelors of Arts in Architecture, a Bachelors of Architecture, and a minor in Photography.

Since graduating, Kaleigh has worked as an Architectural / Autocad designer and has been able to perform work within many different fields of Architecture, ranging from 3D modeling & Rendering, Multi family housing, Residential, Education, Worship, Retail, Restaurants, etc… Some of her favorite design platforms are in single family residential, and green building. Kaleigh loves being able to collaborate and work as a part of a bigger team to create ideas which make the built environment better than it previously was.

Kaleigh is currently on track for her Architectural licensure, with only testing remaining.



As a seasoned Administrative Assistant with over two decades of experience, Mary Ellen uses her wealth of knowledge to provide administrative support to our clients and the Wolk360 team members. Her professional experience ranges from the Financial Industry to Real Estate.

Since relocating to Raleigh with her family in 1982, North Carolina has been home. Mary Ellen loves spending time with her twin boys and exploring the NC mountains.



Leadership is a hallmark of his professional reputation – whether he is setting a strategic vision for a firm, building integrated business systems, or directing high-profile projects Brad has the discipline and drive needed to build great teams and a thriving business.

With three decades of hands-on experience managing assets of a hundred thousand to hundreds of millions as well as partnering with businesses ranging from one sole owner to the largest retailer in the world, he knows just what it takes to build a vibrant business with sustainable and successful leadership.

Brad has worked with hundreds of local, national, and international brands of all sizes, from the United States Military to contractors to powerhouse organizations like Amazon, Home Depot, Victoria Secret, MaxSold and restaurants all over the world. As an operational integrator with a specialty in marketing and sales, Brad is highly skilled at scaling business at any level of growth.



Jesse and Francisco are our in the field construction guys. This father son duo gets everything WOLK360 needs done and more. Their efficiency and determination makes them a valuable addition to the team. They have known Jonathan and have been in the construction business for over 10 years. Working on our very first projects in Raleigh, NC. You’ll always see them working on our project sites doing a phenomenal job.

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