Jonathan’s Journey

It all started when we moved from New York to North Carolina. Dad sketched out plans of our new home on graph paper to figure out who got which room, and where was all the furniture going to go. I was instantly hooked, and started drawing floor plans of houses on copy paper. I knew real architects drew their plans on large sheets of paper – I didn’t have any large sheets, not to be beaten, I taped 4 sheets of paper together, flipped it over, and voila! I have architectural paper!!!

Fast forward ten years later, I’m in my 4th year of architecture school and my sister wants to build her home. Not just any home, but a cabin in the Mount McKinley in Alaska. Her site, across a creek, up a mountain side, accessible by trail only. This was true design build!!

It was then, digging holes down to permafrost for foundations, shaving the bark off of logs, drilling holes and spiking the logs together, is when I had my first visions of what design-build really is.

Around the same time the Macintosh boasted its fully integrated hardware and software. It came back later with the introduction of the iPhone, and apps. All of these things fully integrated, in one platform – phone, camera, schedule, email, apps, etc. Why can’t design and construction be this way?

I left my architecture practice and went to work for General Contractors to see what they were doing that architects weren’t doing and learned from some of the best. After a lifetime of architecture, I wanted to see how the other half operated and learn some more. In the process I became a licensed General Contractor. As I worked closely with several Owners on construction projects, one thing continued to surprise me – the Owners were meeting with the Contractor before the Architect – why? Because they needed to develop a budget in order to make an offer on the land and to figure out the proforma. I was amazed that the decision to buy property was made based upon the land cost, the density and the construction cost – those items added up would then determine if the project would go or not.

Hmmmm, design-build is missing a huge component – yes obviously design, in the above example, but what about the cost of land, or house, or building, or lease, or whatever the real estate parameters are. So, what did I do – I went to work for a real estate firm and go back to school and got my Real Estate brokerage license.

Now, I have a fully integrated Architecture Construction Real Estate firm – WOLK360 – we have the ability to provide you with turnkey services to evaluate and provide guidance to the entire process. It’s just like your phone – you can’t separate the camera from the apps – they work together, harmoniously to communicate your needs in the best way possible.

It’s not just design-build – its WOLK360

About Wolk360


WOLK360 was founded in 2016 by Jonathan Wolk, AIA as a turnkey solution for small and mid-size projects to provide a single source for busy Owners. In order to provide cost effective solutions to our clients, we are a lean organization with a team of reliable sub-contractors that has a long history of working together. Projects range from new residential, residential renovations, first and second generation office and retail fitups ranging in size from 1,000 sf up to 100,000 sf building renovations.

We have been delivering results to our clients through a comprehensive real estate acquisition, design-build, and contractor completion approach for years. We have 25+ years experience as licensed architects. As a real estate agent, architecture, and licensed construction company we understand every aspect of the total scope of work and are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction. We have provided tangible, finished results for a large number of clients who have experienced total satisfaction. Building into the schedule and budget appropriate contingency to minimize surprises and interruptions is key to managing client expectations.

We are one of the few fully integrated and licensed Architecture/Real Estate and Construction firms –At WOLK360 –we have the ability to provide you with turnkey services to evaluate and provide guidance to the entire process.

WOLK360 collaborates closely with our owners to develop an innovative, efficient construction plan that defines the project goals and delivers quality. This plan will then be fully communicated to the entire team and monitored throughout the duration of the project. From preconstruction to closeout, our Project Control System ensures proper checks and balances occur to deliver flawless execution.

The ultimate goal of every client is the creation of Value – a maximum return on investment. Project Quality, Cost and Schedule are key factors in determining that Value. Many contractors view those factors as diametrically opposed; that is, they believe quality is achieved only with higher cost and more time, or that fast-track construction requires the sacrifice of quality and cost.

WOLK360 generates Value based upon the balance and optimization of Quality, Cost and Schedule. WOLK360’s Project Control System, with its detailed time management protocol and meticulous procedures, actually shortens construction time and lowers cost without reducing quality. Projects are delivered on time and within budget. Value is maximized, and as a result, return on investment for our clients.

Value is the client’s ultimate goal; integrity and an unflinching dedication to performance is WOLK360’s – every project, every time.

WOLK360’s systematic and proactive approach to value engineering maximizes the effect of every project dollar spent and is a critical component of our process. This includes cost analysis, identification of alternatives, construction feasibility, considerations relative to labor and material availability, and effect on the project schedule. Our role is to investigate and suggest viable design alternatives that will avoid unnecessary expenditures and provide improved value and economy, while maintaining the design intent and owner goals. During the value analysis review, all expenditures relating to construction, maintenance, operation, and replacement are considered.

The mission of WOLK360 is to provide unparalleled quality and service, coupled with maximum return on investment, resulting in the optimal facilities solution to enhance the success of the Client. We strive to lead the industry in financially viable, functional solutions and continually invest in the tools to do so, promoting advances in Building Information Modeling (BIM), digitized site analysis and successfully executing LEED®-certified projects. WOLK360 offers a well-rounded portfolio of experience that exhibits success in a wide-range of market sectors and various delivery methods.